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Dr. Rabl and Dr. Gassen are Civil Law Notaries in Bonn, Germany. As notaries under German law we are competent to conduct a wide variety of transactions that require authentic deeds. Among these are

  • most real estate matters,
  • business regarding limited liability companies under German law (GmbH, UG, AG),
  • Commerce register matters,
  • Wills, testaments and various matters of estate handling,
  • Family law, i.e. marriage contracts, prenuptial agreements, adoption proceedings
  • Powers of attorney in certain areas
  • Certifications of signatures and copies.

Notaries are well versed in international private law because a large number of cross-border transactions require notarial consultation or certification.

Civil law notaries are – differently from public notaries in common law countries – highly qualified legal professionals who focus on giving impartial legal advice in matters that they are tasked to participate in. They will usually draw up any and all documents necessary for a transaction and handle all steps in their execution. In addition to that, they perform duties in signature and document certification. More extensive information can be found on the website of the German Chamber of Notaries.

We will be glad to offer any advice needed to English speaking clients. Dr. Gassen is prepared to conduct most business in the English language or offer oral translation where needed. Additional consultations are offered free of additional charge if the clients deem them necessary. Dr. Gassen has published in legal journals both in Britain and the United States.

Do not hesitate to contact us under +49-229-98394-0 or via e-mail: .

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